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My Story

I'm an engineering graduate who dropped out of his master's to travel the world. I travelled for 16 months straight across 22 countries, learning about life and experiencing the elegance of it. And on this journey, I discovered myself and pushed myself into challenging situations to go above and beyond. I strived for excellence every single day.

As in almost every other person's life, there was someone in my life too who kept saying - you can't do this, you can't do that. They wanted me to stick to one silo. Thanks to them, I've done jobs from gardening to business development, painting to marketing, web development to talent management. All of them required me to use my skills or learn new skills and put them to use to achieve the outcome. But how anyone does it makes all the difference. I built my repertoire over these years. Preparing myself to be the entrepreneur, innovator, and leader that I meant to become.

In the pursuit of being unique and the best at what I do, I've spent years gaining education, gathering experiences, and exploring the world. I've realized that my passion lies in three things and these three things give me a sense of purpose. I like working for the sustainable development of the world, I enjoy training/coaching/mentoring future leaders, and I love to play chess(or strategize development and solve problems). In short, these are my Ikigai.

I'm tired of people saying that I can't do it or worse - that they can't do it. I have made it my life's mission to make people/businesses see what they're capable of and what their potential is, and this is why I Started Fernwehker in mid-January 2021 through which I aim to bridge the gap between personal development and professional growth.

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